Steve’s first professional introduction to coaching was in the early 80’s whilst working in the fitness industry as chief trainer for Olympic Health Clubs, working with competitive body builders on their focus and motivation.


It was at this time that Steve also worked as a voluntary counsellor with various local and national providers. Once Steve had moved into the corporate sector (along with moving south to Surrey) he continued his studies in psychology, and then into NLP along with a number of life and executive coaching courses.


In recent years Steve has studied and qualified in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy and TNT (Total neurological tapping). Along side this Steve has for the last 25 years, been a professional entertainer with the main focus on Mentalism (Magic of the Mind).


All of this compliments Steve’s interest in psychic research and the possibilities of the human imagination. Only too often would Steve speak to people who on the out side seemed ok, but whilst opening up to him it was apparent there were emotional issues.


So armed with decades of skills, knowledge and experience Steve has pulled together an approach looking at the full breadth of Wellbeing, Mind, Body and Spirit. This he calls “The Imaginology Way”. For information on the “The Imaginology Way” check out it’s dedicated page.


Of course often only one area needs to be addressed, in which case Steve will advise on the appropriate therapy or coaching needed.

Steve carries Enhanced DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) and full insurance - That can be viewed on request.

We may have all the pieces, but sometimes we need help putting them together!

Life needs to be "AMAZING" not a "MAZE"