Episode 8

Self Hypnosis

Set yourself up for sucsess.

  • Have a purpose in mind
  • Have a timeframe in mind
  • Come out of Hypnosis ready for

         "Sleep" or "Action"


Episode 7

An interview with Jess Hillard all round athlete. 

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Book recommedation:- 

The Life-changing magic of sheds by Henry Cole


Episode 6

Q & A / Daily Mind Set

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Episode 3

A few questions answered 

If you don't have 20 minutes for yourself, find an hour you need it!

Interview with Anne Finch-James

Owner of Tillow Barn Health and Wellbeing



Episode 4

A walk in the woods

The main lesson from this podcast was to find time just to be still. Then look, listen and be in the moment

Remember safety first, why not go for a walk with a friend. 20 minutes out and 20 minutes talking on the way back


Episode 5

A visit to Shred Shed Fitness in Surrey 

Interview with Ryhs and Charley

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Episode 2

Taking stock are you digital or analouge? 

Check out

> Mindmapping - Youtube

> Getting Things done - Youtube

> Rocketbook -


go have a look, if you can't find anything give me

a shout.

Episode 1

This is episode one. You get to meet Steve the host and understand what this is all about

Shout Out: This was for Matt Javanshir the composer and musician for my Podcast music. https://mattjavanshir.co.uk

Call to Action: Take stock of your current Mind, Body and Spirit. Is there anything you would like to change? This will be the topic of episode 2

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The trailer

Hey, fancy a new listen? The Imaginology Way Podcast could be just what you are looking for. Ten to twenty minutes a week. Just long enough for a walk or quick workout. Covering anything to do with Hypnosis, wellbeing or real magic. Some weeks I will be looking to interview people who inspire me, some weeks it will just be me. So keep your eyes open on your favourite downstream service and hopefully you will be on board. Any comments or suggestions to steve@imaginology.co.uk. Thanks for taking a look.