Weight Managment

Weight Management

Over the past decades I have spoken to hundreds of people who are not at all content with their bodies. Most if not all have tried many ways to manage their weight. This has been the traditional Yo-Yo model. It was obvious to me that this downward cycle needed to be broken. Then one day on an early morning run by the lake it dawned on me what was missing, was “U”. Yes everyone is “Unique” and indeed very special. So the challenge I set myself was how to put the “U” back. Then it came to me. There is the “YOU” we see and the “YOU” that is your image. Moving from “Yo-Yo” to “YOU-YOU” was what I needed to achieve.


Will Hypnotherapy be the only thing you need to do?, of course not! But as most people who have not been living in a cave, know how to loose weight. So why can’t they? Because even with good intent bad habits are hard to break and there are temptations at every corner.


Eat and drink

Beacuse you are what you eat and drink!

Mind Set

Beacuse you are what you think!

Activity and sleep

Beacuse you are what you use and rest!